“What is wealth and how does it define society?”

We believe we can achieve World Wide Wealth when we change our definition of wealth.

"From rich to enriched"

In our research, we want to learn and understand how in order to achieve this New Reality.

How can you help?

We work from the belief that as a collective we know more. As a single researcher, we only cover our own perspective. Aligned with enriching the definition of wealth, we believe that we have to tune into the collective knowledge. You. Me. We.

You are invited! We want you as a researcher, as a participant, as a connector, as an ambassador. ….

Practically. How? Join a playground (participant), conversation (researcher), share your input, and talk to us (researcher, connector).

We think the most exciting opportunity is to enter our discovery playground and be a participant. The playground we are running now is the Wish and Gift Ecology. (click on the lab icon to sign up).