Great that you want to join this playground: The Wish and Gift Ecology.

An ecology where we are all connected. An ecology where we thrive together. An ecology where we all have equal access to what to fulfill our needs.

We observe your journey in the playground we have set up. We learn from your experience and expand our understanding.

Imagine yourself in a safe space with at least 100 other brilliant people. In this playground, we challenge our mindset on what we want and need and how we get things. You have unlimited opportunities to share your wishes (yes you have to be specific) and you help other persons fulfilling their needs. Together we grow and flow. Things you normally pay for, you now have access to. Just because in this playground we decided to look differently on how we get things. We changed the rules of transactions.

This adventure with these beautiful divers group is guided for 90 days. We will meet online. The researchers help you guide. They facilitate check in’s. You engage on your own with your fellow participants.

You almost forget that this playground is also a research area and that we learn from your behavior. That we ask you to mandatory show up 5 times in online meetups and ask for your quality input and feedback with surveys and interviews.

Our journey together starts here.

Clicking 'yes' means an energetic promise. Are you ready to step in this playground and become a participant?

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